Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Big Apple Adventure

Welcome to Vacation Bible School week! It really is one of the weeks I look forward to most during the entire summer! This is one of the boards in the room with our students names on them as well as our wonderful group of "M" teachers - Mindi, Mollie, and Morgan! The theme is New York City and we have been teaching our students all week about NYC as well as putting our faith and trust in Christ. Our 3 year olds have already said some of the cutest things ever, and it's been a lot of fun! On the first day we having our snack, which was an ice cream cone with a fruit roll-up wrapped around the top to look like the Statue of Liberty's torch! One kid proclaimed to everyone else, "You can eat the crunchy stuff!!!" (talking about the cone!) We've also been transporting ourselves to every activity in a different way every day, so far we've been: airplanes, ferries/swimming, and taxicabs!! After we got out to the playground and I was tickling some of them as they crossed the bridge one of my girls yelled, "Hey grumpy old troll, I'm gonna cross your bridge!!" Needless to say, I think Morgan, Mindi, and I have all been trolls at some point now! ha

Our sweet little ones is what brings me to my next point.
I recently finished my book series I was reading and was needing something to make me sleepy the other night. That is when my mom tossed me this book:

I said thanks and headed off to my room to read. It is similar to the book 90 Minutes in Heaven, if you've ever read that one. Except its about a 3 year old who can tell his parents how heaven is for real. It is simply amazing to see the "child-like faith" throughout the entire book (I read it in 2 days). Especially being with 10 3 year olds for the past couple days has put the book in a more real perspective. I can literally see this little boy saying these things. It is surreal to know that we can still learn things from 3 year olds. So add this short, quick read to your list if you haven't experienced it already!

I want faith like that, and my prayer for the last couple nights has been to make my faith more like a child's.

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