Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Best of: Easter!

It is my Friday! For the first time in my six years of teaching... I get tomorrow off! Typically it is a bad weather make up day... and we have had to make that day up every single year. I am so thankful for a day off. I am going to spend it with my momma. :) 

So, today, is best of Easter edition! 

Peep Smores
Not gonna lie. Just saw this on Pinterest yesterday and was like whaaaat? I don't like chocolate.. and I don't really like peeps.... but everyone else on the planet does!!! Want to be the coolest person at Easter?? Bring this!! Click here for the link to the recipe!

Green Bean Casserole
Another favorite around my household.... both pre-marriage and post-marriage. Fun fact: most grocery stores now carry a gluten free cream of mushroom! However, on Easter.... I eat the real thing! :) There are an extreme amount of variations of this recipe.... but here are a couple of my favs! Play with how you like, but whatever you do... I have learned to double the recipe. I also love it just as much cold the next day... ohh yes! 

Pioneer Womans Recipe... you can never go wrong with that pionner lady. She is so good. I love the cayenne pepper in this recipe. Green beans with a small kick.. yum.

Southern Living Recipe from 2011... my favorite part of this recipe is a little bit of ranch dressing mix and fresh mushrooms. I love mushrooms. 

Campbell's Original Recipe.... of course I would not leave this out! It is just too classic. I love the soy sauce in this recipe.. and I always add a little cheese! 

Carrot Napkin Holders
If your Easter is anything like ours... there's typically at least 20 people eating at Carole Ann's house. Therefore the classy silverware goes out the door and the plastic silverware is the way to go... Look at this adorable way to Easterize the silverware! Don't want to buy ribbon? Twine would look just as cute! Click here to see a quick tutorial!

Egg Cracked Painting
Are your kids too cool for Easter Egg hunting? Check out this awesome idea! It could be post Easter Egg hunting in play clothes.... or get washable paint and I think it would be an adorable picture still in their Easter attire! The process is simple.. Fill eggs with paint, cover with tissue paper, throw at a canvas! I would enjoy it myself! Click here to see!

Easter is one of those days that just gets me... I think it's mostly Easter music. Singing about Christ dying for me and rising again always makes me emotional. Pair that with good food and family time. It's always a good day. What are your favorite Easter traditions?

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