Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Time Centerpiece

Back in February, Shop Mama was put in charge of the women's table for the Duck Banquet again. She lets Sister Laura and I help... but she is the backbone of the table. We were gonna decorate the table by putting some of the jewelry on wine bottles. So Shop Mama forced me, held a gun to my head, put a funnel down my throat and made me drink wine. :) Shop Mama drank some wine too and painted her bottles with gold spray paint. I decided to spice mine up with some gold glitter, because glitter. The table turned out so beautiful and even better, we all won something off it!
The bottles started just how all my other centerpieces started.. scrubbing the labels off with hot water and soap! I used washi tape and my official measurer, Duck Dude, to help me make sure they were uneven, but somewhat coordinated. I'm pretty sure that's what the official interior designers call it. 

Next was the glitter and mod-podge. If you're going to do this, you want the consistency to be like sand... it takes a lot more glitter than you think, so just keep adding some slowly until you get it to look thick. 

I only did one coat, but if you weren't satisfied when it dried you could absolutely do another! I peeled the washi tape off, and didn't mind the little imperfections that are only visible to me. Next, I went to hobby lobby in search of my favorite flower, a tulip. I wanted some pink, very spring color to put in my bottle and didn't like anything I found. My plans were to head to Michaels.... but the next day I walked into Sprouts and they had fresh, beautiful tulips on sale for $5.99.

I couldn't even wait for the tulips to open a little bit before I took a picture at the perfect dusk light. I smiled for days when I walked in and saw how gorgeous they looked on the table.

And now, I'm waiting for Sprouts to have a sale again, because nothing says Spring like fresh tulips!

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