Monday, March 28, 2016

Napa: Travel Day

Most of you know that Duck Dude and I jetted off to Napa for our one year anniversary trip! How it's been one year of marriage, I will never know... but I hear it does not slow down from here. Here's the recap of day 1. 

We flew into San Francisco and got into our rental car rather quickly. Duck Dude, of course, asked for the 1 year anniversary upgrade and got us into a Toyota Camry with leather seats. I do not know how he manages to do that. And we set off on the hour and a half drive to Napa. 

My favorite thing right off the bat was all the geo-filters of snapchat.... I know, such a millennial generation statement... but it's true!!!! Look how awesome they are... did you know that South San Francisco is known as the Industrial City? Things I learned from Snapchat... that could be a whole 'nother blog post on it's own! 

Then, we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.... and I am not gonna lie, it was really cool! We crossed it right at sunset and the view was beautiful. We saw Alcatraz on the right and a thousand walkers/bikers enjoying the view too. It was beautiful. We have already talked about if/when we go back, we would like to have a little more time to explore San Francisco. 

One of our favorite things to do while exploring a new city is look at the cost of houses. We're HGTV nerds and had a blast looking up homes for sale while in Los Angeles for my cousins wedding. We didn't see a whole lot of for sale signs, so we just started picking out addresses and looking them up. Here's one: 

All of the houses are directly on the main street. This one does have a garage.. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1515 square feet. Want to know how much it sold for in June of 2015?..................... the suspense has got to be killing you! Did you take a guess in your head? If you guessed less that half a million...... guess again....... It sold for $720,000. That is a sale price of $475 per square foot!!! Whaaat? Crazy, right? 

Our favorite of the entire week? This lovely house right by our hotel that is FOR SALE!!! A historical landmark that has been used as an office building... and it's only 3 million dollars!! Cool, huh 

Anyway, back to our trip. We arrived at our hotel and loved the quaint-ness of it. There were about 146 rooms and it was right on the river. We would stay there again and recommend it to anyone. The staff was friendly, accommodating, and we had a blast. The first night they were roasting smores on the back patio. We ate in the cafe in the hotel and headed out to roast smores. 

Make it a great week!

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