Monday, March 21, 2016

I am Back!!

That's right! I am back!! I started making a list of "possible blogs" about two weeks ago and it just kept spiraling from there. I had all these pictures on my phone and my phone was running out of storage and I thought.... I should blog them. 
I loved my time away and regret nothing... not even a single letter... but I am ready to blog again. So here we are! It will basically be the same thing. A little bit of everything. Maybe some more recipes, some stories, a tiny bit of fashion talk, a place to hold my memories, and a place where I don't really have to have a reason to put gifs like this... other than the fact that it makes me laugh.
If you choose to tag along again, you are so kind. Let's be honest, my musings have not gone anywhere. 

Also, an extremely HAPPY birthday to my Sister Laura Pocket!!!!!! She gets me... and she is someone I can 100% be myself around. My favorite thing she's ever said to me? It was the night we got engaged.. and it was pretty soon after we got off the boat... "I don't want to be your sister in law... I want to be your sister!" And she is definitely that! I love you Sister Laura!!! Ain't no better sister than a soul sister!! Happy Birthday!!!


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