Monday, July 9, 2012

Rule 1 and Rule 2

So I have decided to completely throw out all of my rules for next year.

I hate rules; even now. So I want to get rid of the rules I have and make them plain and simple. I will have two rules that encompass everything I think you need to be successful in my classroom. Here they are:

1. Work hard and 2. Be nice. That's all we need; that's all I need my kids to remember. I am going to hang these signs above one of my white boards! I like the black background. I think it will help the rules to pop more. I also know that no other classrooms (at least in my school) have something like this. 

Are you wondering how I did it?? 

I got wood letters from Hobby Lobby and I painted them! 

It took me the longest time to decide on what colors I wanted the rules to be! Once I got the colors I started painting away... being the first child, perfectionist that I am, I made sure to get every crevice of every little curve. I then mod-podged them to the foam board. I plan on hanging them on the wall with velcro! Simple as that! 

New rules, new school year. Bring it on. 

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