Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Post Wedding Eating

Pre-Wedding Eating (This can also be called Summer Eating):
 - Whatever I want               - So many desserts!!
 - Lots of fast food               - Huge, celebratory dinners
 - Too many diet cokes

Post Wedding Eating: 
Back to my healthy eating and my main 3 items... spinach, yogurt, and water!!! 
The first new thing I attempted was baked chicken. I do not have a grill... and, obviously, fried is not the way to go.. but I do have an oven!! I looked up several recipes and knew I had a teriyaki marinade in my fridge...  So my choice was to marinate some chicken breasts and then bake them. Easiest thing ever! And tasty too! I was really worried about not cooking it all the way through; but these were pretty thin, so I think I overcooked it just a smidge. I put it over a herb risotto and just some corn! 

I've already cooked several other excellent meals. So stay tuned. 

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