Monday, June 11, 2012

Washington D.C.

I had the most amazing time in Washington D.C. It was nothing like I could have imagined. Everything was so much larger and more grand than I expected. It was all so beautiful. I kept notes from everyday... some serious, some not so serious - enjoy!

DC has really weird intersections.. more merging lanes  with stoplights rather than intersections.
There is nothing that gets me like a uniformed officer playing TAPS. The tomb of the unknown soldier changing of the guards ceremony was incredible.
The White House was the one place that looked exactly like I imagined. It was beautiful.
The Jefferson Memorial had the most gorgeous view of the Washington monument.
There were the prettiest hydrangeas everywhere - in the most magnificent periwinkle and light pink colors.

The intricacy of the memorials are amazing to me. So much thought is put into each one of them (exactly how it should be, but still so cool). The number of steps means something, the number of columns on the buildings, the way Lincoln's hands are shaped on him - I loved hearing exactly what they meant.
The number of statues around the city is astounding. There are so many! Our tour guide told us the bronze ones normally cost around 250,000, while the marble statues cost about 500,000!!! Wow.
There was this incredible DSW that was close to our hotel that was two stories!!.... but it was too far to walk. Trust me.. if it was within a mile, I would have walked no question.

Mt Vernon - George did it right when it came to his view of the Potomac River. Stunning. The staff there was also completely not accommodating to large groups... and the sponsors got a lecture from the people who worked there, but George's view was awesome.
Pentagon Memorial - One of my favorites. At dusk, lights come on in the water underneath the benches and its beautiful.
Boat Cruise on the Potomac - I "wobbled" (a dance) with my kids and when one boy from another school started flirting with one of my girls, I instantly became her "mother." I, obviously, called her my child for the rest of the trip.

Monticello - Amazing artifacts. Thomas Jefferson's house was so modern for back then!! He was so smart and his house was probably my favorite of the entire trip. Seriously, so cool.
Miche's Tavern - We had the most amazing fried chicken, cole slaw, black eyed peas, green beans, mashed potatoes, cornbread, and peach cobbler!!!
I loved the fountains and the FDR memorial. Maybe I favor them because of all the fountains at Baylor... but I loved these fountains at FDR. With the sun setting, and the sound of the water, and the fireflies in the nearby woods - it was awesome.
In DC actual shopping malls serve as much more than just a place to pick up a new sweater or dress. They are metro stations and it's not uncommon to see someone walking around with luggage and a pillow! It was so weird. I also had the most awkward interaction with a mall kiosk guy, if you want the story.. ask me in person. It's much better when I can show you exactly how it went down.

We had breakfast at the Hard Rock Cafe and it was so fun!
Ford's Theater - It's amazing to think that Lincoln was sitting right there when he was shot.
Smithsonian Museums - They were all really awesome, but I'm not gonna lie by this point in the day I had hit a wall and was ready to go home!!

I could have spent 10 days in DC, but am still recovering and trying to catch up on sleep. I loved it all and if you have not ever been, I highly recommend you go!!   
(My pictures won't load right now so stay tuned for pictures to go with the days!)

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