Saturday, June 2, 2012

Super Sweet Saturday!

Today I had the best "Daddy and Me" day! I hung out with my dad all day and we just did everything we love to do. 

Adventure #1: Midway Regional Airport Air Show
I got my love of planes from my dad who got his love of planes from his dad, my Pappy! I am just so fascinated with all the different types of planes. Allow me a nerdy moment to say I just love the mathematics and physics that lets these huge machines fly in the air!!! This was my favorite plane of the day! It looked so awesome, especially flying through the air! 

'Merica. Heck yeah.

Adventure of the Day #2: Gliders
My dad knows of this place where sometimes there are gliders flying. We decided it was pretty windy, so after the airshow we'd just go see if they were out. We hit the jackpot! We stayed at the Texas Soaring Association for over an hour watching multiple gliders take off and land. The people were so friendly and we did a lot of talking. I learned so much about gliders and exactly how they work! I even learned from my dad that my Pappy was trained in flying gliders; he never flew them in WWII, but he was trained in them! I learn something new every day! 
This was Bruce's glider! It was an older model and close to 50 years old! The first time in flew was in the 1960's and has won 2 National Championships. 

Adventure #3: Abandoned and Stranded
So my dad has been telling me about this amazing abandoned barn he has found. It is beautiful, has 15 enormous stalls, and shower! It's so strange that it's completely abandoned. We walked around and when we were ready to leave.... my dad's car wouldn't start!!! ha So we got to hang out in the barn a lot longer while I rationed out my left over ice cubes in my diet coke drink! 

Adventure #4: Hole in the Wall BBQ
My dad and I love to try new food places, but we especially love little hole in the wall places. There's just something about ma and pa places that make me love my life! This little bbq place doesn't even have places to sit inside. There are park benches outside though! It was in Maypearl, Tx and my chopped beef sandwich was fantastic! 

So it was an eventful, but wonderful day with my dad. I will always cherish days like these! 

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