Monday, June 18, 2012

My Summer Goals

So I explained my main summer goal in my latest post... however, BvB is not my only summer adventure!

I have a few other (sport related) goals as well! When I added coaching to my list of things, I didn't realize how much I would cut back on my own work outs! I was lucky to get in 1 workout a week... yet alone 3 or 4! Due to my practices being after school I had to cut Jay Johnson out of my life. I still receive his emails and remain hopeful that one day I can begin training with him again.... believe me, this face -- still scares the heck outta me!!! (Although he did always smell good.. I give him that, but holy cow.. he can yell!!!)

Anyway, my other goals are simple. 

For my second year in a row I am playing on the teacher softball team. Now, everyone probably knows I am athletic... but I never played softball, ever. Last summer was my first attempt. I also do not like doing anything that I am not good at (probably why I never played), and by good at I definitely mean, excelling. So my softball goal this year is to get a hit. A real, true hit... not my infield singles that I just use my speed to beat out the throw. Yes, I know all that matters is that I get on base.... but I want a hit!! I want to use my bat to send a ball to the outfield. That is it!

My second goal is a little more challenging. I want to use this summer to get back in shape. BvB is helping with this, but that's still only one practice on Sunday night. Towards the end of school I heard something one of the high school coaches challenges their incoming freshman to do: run 100 miles during the summer. That's when I got the crazy idea of "if they can do it, so can I!" Do you know how hard it is to motivate yourself to run some days? (I bet a lot of you actually do... but still) I am a master procrastinator (like right now!). I convinced myself that writing this blog (which I've been meaning to do for days) is way more important than going to run... and after this, watching the bachelorette is waaaay more important than going to run! However, I am doing it!!! Last week I ran 6 miles.. I know, not a lot.. but you have to start somewhere! Also, to clarify: by run, I mean run/walk. I do not need to be able to run 10 miles at a time; I'm playing football this summer, not training for a half-marathon (maybe next summer). So I've been training with sprint intervals. I've been specifically using this one and I'm already at the point where I've bumped the speeds up 0.5 because this one was getting too easy! 

And when I feel like quitting I remind myself that a "workout is a personal triumph over laziness and procrastination".

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