Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Isometric Cubes!

Let's not forget this ever so important Leap day! This might be the one day of the year I wish I taught elementary school, just so I could spend an entire day celebrating something! ha Did you know you can get a free cookie from Subway?? 

However I am well into my teaching for this week! I am bribing the kids with if they work hard these next 2 weeks, I will let them have a whole week off (Spring Break!). They think I'm so clever! I wanted to share a few picture of our extra credit that my kids did. I started off by giving them dot paper. Their goal is to start by making the dots into hexagons and then transforming the hexagons into cubes. It's a project that allows some kids to thrive that normally don't. Not all my kids can visualize the geometry of the cubes and so for some it is a really hard extra credit! I always love how they turn out though!  Enjoy.



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