Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break Project

I decided to undertake one project for Spring Break.. I've been needing to have something above my towel rack in my bathroom. There's an empty space and I just didn't like it.. So I saw a picture of something and decided I would do my best to recreate it! I'm pretty sure I like I how it turned out!

I started out with a canvas (duh!) and painted it. After painting it grey, I knew I needed to add something else.. so I mixed some gray and gold together to give it a little more of a shimmer. 

Then I began sizing out my flower petals.. I ended up printing a page of three different sizes not sure if I'd use any or all of them. I decided to just use the smallest petal. I felt it would look cooler if I had a lot more petals on the canvas. I picked out my scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby (still not spending a dime thanks to gift cards!), and returned home ready to start cutting. At first I was using my exacto knife, but found I got a lot cleaner edges if I just used scissors! Easy for me! I used the picture I had as a guide of which flowers to go where (all yellow, all black and gray, or a mix). Then I slowly started mod-podging each petal to the canvas. Since I knew this was going in my bathroom, I put multiple layers of mod podge over it once I was finished. It has a glossy shine and I love it!! It's the perfect fit! Now just to decide if I want to center it with the wall or center it over the towel rack... decisions, decisions. :)   

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