Friday, February 17, 2012

You are my Cytoplasm

You are My Cytoplasm

Oh the day of love! I seriously love teaching in a middle school on Valentine’s day! I love my students who think to give me a Valentine’s day gift! They are so sweet and precious when they do. I even got a rose from one of my girls this year! It really did make my day (especially since we had a basketball game that night!).  I love watching the kids walk around with their puppy dogs/stuffed animals and the big decision of trying to come up with a name for it all. I love the awkward interactions of couples where the girls gets the boy a gift, but the boy didn’t get the girl anything (so typical!). I love the anticipation building all day til 6th period when the carnations (that kids have been buying all week) finally get sent out! I love the “What, from my secret admirer??” And then the conversations for all 7th period of, “Do you know who my secret admirer is?” “Well I heard…” It makes the day go by quickly and I am all for that! 

This year the science teachers did an awesome project where the students had to create valentines. However, they had to use cell vocabulary in their valentine’s! I loved the ones I received, but this one was my favorite:

This was on the back! ha

I’m not necessarily the biggest V-day fan, but it is another day to reflect on all the people that help me get through my days. So, to all my cell walls that hold me together, thank you. To all the cytoplasms that fill my days with laughs and happy thoughts, I appreciate you. To all the nuclei that center me and ground me in who I am, I am forever grateful that you are always there.

I know I am a few days late, but Happy Valentine’s day!

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