Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Fashion

I have been dying to buy some new fall clothes... but I'm on this whole trying to save money kick. I've even started using cash envelopes to help curb my spending. (at least I recognize it, right?) Thanks to pinterest I've been creating new outfits from the clothes I have and have been pretty successful at pairing things I wouldn't normally think to put together; but I need at least one little shopping spree a new season! So when I got an email from a student's parent that was a coupon for 40% off an entire purchase at Old Navy, I couldn't resist.This flannel shirt is perfect for a Friday at school.

Then I bought this sweater. It's oversize and a little awkward, aka perfect for me! I really love color-blocking, especially with bold colors. The coral with the purple is excellent. A pair of skinny jeans with my tall socks with my riding boots will be fantastic. 
Now to my more exciting purchases. I bought this little dazzler to spice up a few Christmas party outfits. The back is sheer, which I love, but I"ll probably wear it with a black cardigan and black pants.

These last two items are the same kind of styles. I will wear both of them with tights and little booties. I love the color of the dress. It's so bright and shiny and I plan on looking like a Christmasy, green evergreen tree while wearing it! :) The shorts I bought specifically for a bachelorette party I have on December 30th... planning a little ahead, yes. Where else would you wear black metallic shorts to?? I love them.

Hopefully these purchases will last me a little while! :) Only 5 more school days til Thanksgiving Break!!! I can do it.. I can do it!!

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