Sunday, October 23, 2011


So I have my favorite volleyball that I love. I don't have a reason and I don't know why: it's just my favorite. When I demonstrate drills - I use it, when we scrimmage - I use it, and when I'm not using it - I'm normally holding it. A few weeks ago my fellow coach thought it would be funny to "hide" the ball from me one day. So she had one of our girls put the ball in her truck. I searched everywhere for it and at the end of practice they brought it back out to me! After that, all of the girls would try and be the first over to the ball carts to see if they could get my ball first. And then last week, my 11-11 ball was gone. I accused basically everybody I could think of for stealing!!! Everyone swore to me they didn't have it and I wasn't convinced. After about 3 days of my ball being gone everyone started accusing me of taking it and hiding it so they couldn't take it from me! I thought this was preposterous and told them I would do no such thing. Then I made a remark that if it didn't show up soon I was going to need "Wanted" signs. All day Thursday the ball didn't show up and on Friday when I got to school I was greeted by my 8th graders with this:

Not only did they have this sign, they had about 50 smaller signs they had printed off the computer onto brightly colored paper! They hung these signs all over the school and it was hilarious to have everyone come up and ask me about this 11-11 volleyball.

And finally, my ball was found!!! Someone found it in the other gym (which we definitely combed over) and returned it to me. I'm still not convinced someone didn't take it, but the posters worked and I have my ball back!! :)

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