Monday, October 17, 2011

The Proposal

This past week I got to be a part of something truly special. I'm sorry I couldn't let more of you in on the secret.. but we were SO focused on keeping it absolutely quiet. Here's a video to watch to get you started!

All along I was in the background! Right there!! My job for the whole morning was simple. Supervise the 45 girls we had there. Ha this included a TON of practicing of holding up the signs and cheering. Answering a ton of questions and when Leeta would come in to "test the mic" getting them to focus on me and not whispering about all sorts of things. I was so nervous the whole morning just praying they wouldn't spoil the secret!! ha but they were wonderful, and did a phenomenal job! Here are some pictures from my morning! Including a picture with the extremely handsome Cameron Mathison.

Look at all the beautiful signs up at the right time!!! :)

I might have had a tear or two in my eyes.

Talking with Robyn Roberts back in NY

With the soccer girls (aka most of my A team volleyball players!)
Yay Leeta and Logan!!!

Coaches with Cameron!!! Framer for the office, most definitely!!!
Then the next morning Leeta was asked to go on the local Channel 8 news. Apparently they had a camera man there too and he got some different footage. I had no idea until I received texts the next day saying people saw me on tv!! I'm all over the background in this clip and they even get me hugging Leeta for the first time! It was such a fun...early.. morning!! If you watch to the end of the segment you see me at the end mouthing "Get Off" to our girls who were hanging (literally) on Cameron Mathison!! ha Click on the link to see!

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