Monday, October 10, 2011

My Pretty Window

Since I've moved into my new apt, I have been wanting an old white window frame to put into my living room. I just felt like it would be the best addition!! So Kristen and I made a trip to Canton for First Monday of October. After searching and searching, I finally found something I wanted to work with. The only problem is they had made it not really as a window, but as a picture frame. 
So I decided to take this and modify my original plan. I decided to fill some of the squares with scrapbook paper and completely remove the glass from others. I don't know why I have a strange love of scrapbook paper, but I think it's just awesome and beautiful. So with the help of my dad (we had to remove the staples in the wooden frame with pliers) we tackled this project after dinner one night. I kept all the glass/staples in case I ever decide to change it up, but for now I am so happy in love with how it turned out. I just kept saying "it's so pretty" (hence the title of this blog). Here's the finished product.

Due to the fact of where I put it, this picture is a little crooked, but I promise the actual thing is not. :) My ocd-ness would definitely not allow that. So after we finished I decided the window was way too pretty to go where I had originally planned. So we moved my picture collage to the other side of the window to make room for my pretty window. That left me with two small holes which you can see if you get too close.....aka just another project for me to complete one weekend. Now it is hopefully one of the first things you see as you walk into my apartment and its beautiful. 
My pretty window.

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