Sunday, May 1, 2011

Finally a Filly!!!

Here is our sweet girl named Libby (and shirtless Joshua). She has been preggo for a while and was due April 10th! This picture was taken on April 24th... the vet wasn't worried about how late she was, so we weren't really either! Well she finally had her filly on April 26th!! And she is precious! I cannot wait to go see her (we are thinking of going this weekend - so d-mommy if you're reading this, surprise!!) :) I absolutely love their little wobbly legs!! Here is the filly; I'll get better pictures when we go down there!

So onto what I normally talk about - TAKS! It is over!!! I am proud to say I have administered my first and last TAKS test!! (It's changing to the STAAR next year) I feel that my students are going to be proud of their scores; and we should know in about 3 weeks!! I will be sure to let you know!

Since TAKS is over the kids automatically assume that school is done and they can now DO whatever they want!! ha They have learned quite quickly that unacceptable behavior is not going to fly just because TAKS is over. :) So I always resort to a very old form of punishment. So do something in my class that I'm not happy with and you will be..... dun. dun. dun. -- writing sentences. Now they're used to doing this when they don't show their work on tests; for every problem, they have to write 5 sentences of "I will show my work on every problem." I had a teacher I worked with last year that not only had students write sentences for this, but also for any type of behavior problems. The students really seem to dislike it and I find if I threaten them with it again, they honestly try to not have to do it. I think it's more just because it's a hassle. If you have to write the same thing 150 times, you are annoyed/bored and you've just wasted 30 minutes you could have been hanging out with your friends. So I may not be able to give them licks or bang erasers, but they can write as many sentences as I see fit! 

24 more school days with my little squirrels. 24 more days until I've completed my first year of my teaching career. I cannot believe it. 

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  1. OMG!! Cutest little thing ever!
    I love your punishment for the kids...haha, that handwriting cracks me up.
    And also, you just made my night-I had no idea we were down to 24 days! Soooo excited for summer!