Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Results are In...

We finally got our TAKS results back.......

7th grade Math passed with a whopping 97%!!!!

For those of you that care about the specifics - only 10 students failed in all, but 2 of those do not count because they moved into the district too late! Of the 10 that failed, I teach 2 of them!!! So only 2 out of all of my students failed!! Yaaaay!!

As far as accelerated goes, I had 9 students not get commended. That brought me to 89.28% of my accelerated got commended. My goal was 90%, so I'm a little bummed to get so close but not entirely reach my goal. It's kind of funny looking through the names because the names I was worried about not getting commended did, and some who didn't really surprised me!! All of the students who did not get commended last year, did get commended this year! The next step is waiting for the actual number scores to see how many questions they missed it by! Oh the waiting...

Overall, I am happy for my first and last year of TAKS! So bring on the STAAR test!!!

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  1. Congrats on the great scores! So excited for you :)