Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Best Thanksgiving Break Everrr!

This Thanksgiving break was SO much fun and after it, I can truly say I love my family. 

I am so blessed to have grown up in an environment where not only your immediate family supports you, but also your extended family! I love that I have an entire week off of school to hang out with them and drive all over Texas with Caroline and my mom. I mean, let's be real, the three of us decided we really do not need anyone else (except for Hannah).... we are capable of entertaining ourselves for hours. 

We went from Dallas to Huntsville (Caroline met us there)... spent Thanksgiving there with 30, literally, other people from Aunt Kim's family. My team won the annual Turkey Bowl... I had 2 TD receptions, not that I'm bragging. However, I think I did more laughing than actually playing football -- another clue to the fact that your family is awesome.

From there we drove to Boerne (a solid 4 hours) and went to the rehearsal dinner for my cousin Ellee! We sat at a table with my 2 other cousins and a crazy lady who.....was... well, crazy. Woke up the next morning to go to Comfort for the amazing breakfast and more family time. Then drove to Kerrville (with a quick stop at the mall because somebody, aka me, didn't plan accordingly for the weather) and dropped off our stuff at my Great Aunt's house. Watched the first half of the Baylor football game while getting ready for the wedding and then we were off to Sisterdale, Tx for the gorgeous wedding of Ellee and Sam. 

We danced the night away, with glowsticks on our heads, and had the best time in the world. 

Dodger, the new donkey!

Eve's Pregnant Belly!!

Sweetest baby in the world
Turkey Bowl!!!

Welcome to the hill country of Boerne

Lil Bit and I at the wedding

How amazing is this??
Did you think I was kidding about the glowsticks??

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