Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Scraping By...

Whew, made it through the last couple weeks. First day of school, volleyball tryouts, upset parents about volleyball tryouts, open house, making teams, all for our first game tomorrow!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts. I am going to be working extremely hard this year. My fellow coach has never played volleyball so until she learns by watching me, I’m attempting to coach all 3 teams. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my new coach; volleyball is just a learning process for someone who has never played or watched before!

My classes are going well. My accelerated classes are fantastic. My on level classes are getting there. I am amazed at how low some of my 7th grade students are; we spent 15 minutes filling out a 1 to 12 multiplication chart and some still only had it half way filled out. My class is 1/3 special ed and that just slows it down even more. I don’t think they’re accustomed to teachers still expecting a lot out of them, like me!

On the plus side, I have already had a visitor come in from administration of the district to film me talking about my new rules. I, apparently, told her about them at a training this summer and she remembered and asked to film me talking about them to show to the New Hires in the district! I told her I felt honored and would love to! She has already asked me to film several classes for her throughout the year so she can use as examples. It’s nice to know that someone is acknowledging all the work I put in throughout the year.

I have been asleep by 9:30 almost every night.. it’s exhausting. But the kids really do make it worth it; for example, someone just asked me, “Ms. Lindstrom, how do you do everything you do and still manage to dress so cute?”

Thank you little 12 year old, you just made my 11 hour day. 

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