Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project Sat Part 1

Ok, you can't fault me, because I gave you a fair warning I have an obsession with anchors. However, I did not intend for these two posts to be back to back. Yesterday I had my last lazy Saturday until Nov 10th. October is gonna be cray (crazy, for you people that do not care for the abbrevs!). So I made some amazing chili (more on that another time), and settled in to watch some football. Cue the time where I decide I'll get on pinterest and just browse for a bit during halftime..... and lazy Saturday has now turned into project Saturday! 

I completed one of the projects yesterday though! Exciting, right? I still have 2 in progress though! I'll get those up eventually. So, I was wanting to change the "Oh how he loves me" sign in my room. Not that I still do not absolutely love that song. It just needed a change and I found exactly what I wanted: A bible verse with an anchor involved. I am most delighted in the fact that I free-handed the anchor myself and, while it's not perfect, I am definitely satisfied. It was an easy project that allowed me to continue to relax while working and still watching my football! 



More on the other projects when they get complete! :)

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