Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Devotional

I recently acquired a Barnes and Nobles gift card. I won't go into the pressure I feel when I walk into Barnes in Nobles... so many books and so many that I could possibly read. However, it's weird I feel I walk out with the perfect one every time. 

My most recent book is actually a book study/devotional and so far, it's amazing. I am normally leery of "Christian" devotionals... but I think God led me straight to this one. It's a book study over Ruth. I've always loved every sermon I've ever heard from Ruth and especially loved a dear friends wedding message that was from the book Ruth. This is a book written by Liz Curtis Higgs and it's basically Ruth, in modern times. Each chapter has a specific correlation: Chapter 1 is - Off to a Rocky Start (Ruth 1:1-5). It is easy to read and relate-able to many ages (My mom's already claimed it when I finish). My favorite part about it is I'm excited to dive back into it. It's not daunting and it doesn't make my head hurt trying to figure out exactly what God wanted me to get out of these 5 verses. 

There is a study guide and discussion questions in the back, so you could potentially use it as a book study as a group.  I'm already thinking forward to working with youth group girls and having a book study with them! I love it that much. Liz Curtis Higgs is also the author of the series "Bad Girls of the Bible", which I might have to check out after I finish learning all about Ruth. :) Have a fantastic week everyone!

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