Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Recent Struggles

My recent struggles include:
- Not receiving my STAAR scores until May 23rd
- I broke my nose
- Trying to advocate for better GT training to go to during the summer
- ...oh wait... did I mention I BROKE my NOSE!?!!? 

Do you know how many things you cannot do with a broken nose?? You cannot: 
Eat, Sleep, Brush your teeth, Bend over, Walk without being paranoid of people running into you, Sneeze, Play volleyball, Do anything athletic for that matter, Make any facial expressions, Laugh, And as my students told me "get any hot dates for this weekend"

I suggest: Not getting into a fight with concrete and do not break your nose

(if you get queasy easily, I would recommend not looking at these pictures)

Not the worst.. I won't post those online. My face was insanely swollen.

I broke the end of the bone (about half way up your  nose). Hopefully I will not need  surgery. 

Today was my first day at school... this was one of my cards I got from my students. 

My card from my dad.. I think it describes me perfectly! :)

My black eyes are starting to come in, but the swelling is going down. 

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  1. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry! I hope it starts feeling better soon! Miss you and as your student says you're still beautiful as always!