Friday, May 25, 2012

12-13 School Year!

I just got the confirmation email…. I will have a student teacher next spring!!

I am so excited to have a chance to be able to lead and mentor someone in the education field. Especially since I have decided the only reason I would ever go back to get my Masters is if I decided I wanted to teach pre-service teachers at a University. I think this opportunity will give me wonderful insight to how difficult yet how rewarding it could be! I think it will really show me if I want to keep that as an option for later down the road (I am definitely not ready to leave the classroom quite yet).

The challenges I anticipate:
-         Relinquishing control! (I think I should begin praying for that now)
-         Since she will only be with me for the Spring, the kids will have to adjust to a new teacher in the middle of the year
-         Having patience while she learns how to do things! J

The awesomeness I anticipate:
-         Being able to share ideas with someone in my room!
-         I had such amazing mentors throughout college and I can’t wait for the opportunity to be that for someone else! (hopefully!)
-         Learning new things from her as well!

I am positive I will think of many more challenges and rewards in the months to come, but I just wanted to share my initial excitement! I feel so incredibly blessed in my job. 

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