Tuesday, May 22, 2012

End of the Year Survey

First of all. Update on my nose: I am doing SO much better! And I look a lot better too. I saw an ENT last Monday and he said my nose looks straight and all I had to do was let it heal. He also said my "septum" looks "perfect"... (his words, not mine.. I swear!) Here is a picture to prove it!

Caroline and I at Casey Donahew on Friday night!!

Yesterday, in class, I gave an end of the year survey. I love doing this survey because I get some incredible responses and I love hearing their wonderful, honest answers. Here are a few examples with my commentary in Blue

#1. What is one thing you will remember about this class?
-          All the weird chants. (If I'm called weird, I'm doing something right!)
-          I wish this was my 7th period class so I could end on a good note each day, but instead I have to end with _______. 
-          The day we came up with the idea to make you an internet dating website! J (Oh my.. this was one day and it was a mess! I was scared they would actually do it!!)

#2. What is one thing you’ve learned the most about in this class?
-          To be a hard worker. (Most students wrote actual math concepts.. but these went deeper. These are the real things I want to be teaching.)
-          I learned to work with other people
-          It’s possible to learn a lot but still have fun

#3. What is one piece of advice you’d give to a student entering my class next year?
-          Don’t be sassy. Ms. Lindstrom will shut you down.
-          Do your best, it is worth it.
-          Bring a writing utensil and your brain. You’ll really need both.
-          Don’t say the S word. (shut up) (Yes!!)

#4. What would be one helpful suggestion you have to make me a better teacher?
-          You taught me more about math in one year than I’ve learned in my entire life. You also taught me something no one else could, to have confidence in myself.
-          I think you are perfect but if I had to give an answer I would say, try and leave subs a better note they always mess up (It annoys me!). (Just to be clear, I leave the most detailed notes ever and it annoys me they can't follow them either!!)

#6. What suggestions do you have regarding class rewards and punishments?
-          We need more death threats. What happened to the school’s medieval tortue devices hidden in the school basement? (these were anonymous, but I can narrow this statement down to a group of 4 boys who are truly GT and fantastic! ha)

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