Saturday, January 22, 2011

Teaching is Personal

You never realize how close you get to your students, until something happens to one of them. Wednesday was our first day back with students for the new semester. My day was rolling along; they were pretty crazy, but I was dealing with it. My 6th period class is a special one. There are only 8 students in that class, so we get a lot accomplished in little time and that means lots of extra time to play games!! (Math games, of course!) So right before 6th period I received an email from one of the boys' mom in the class. He is the most precious little boy with the cutest curly hair. The email said he was in a bike accident on Monday  night and was rushed into immediate surgery. One of his best friends is also in my 6th period class and he said that they were riding their bikes on Monday when Matt tried to jump a curb. He didn't make it which caused the handlebars to smash into his stomach as he flipped over his bike. He ended up rupturing his intestines. His mom said he was on a ventilator during the surgery and as of Thursday still had a nasal tube in his nose. Several of my students went to visit him Wednesday night and brought me a picture of them by Matt in his hospital bed. It made me so sad to see his little body and he was trying to smile! I wanted to immediately go up to the hospital and see him. So during study hall on Wednesday, I had some of my girls make a card for him and let them go around and have students sign it. After school I took it around to all his teachers and had them all sign it! I emailed his mom back and let her know that I would keep him in my prayers for the rest of the week. She let me know that they were starting to let him eat ice chips, but would not release him from the hospital until he could walk under his own power.We're not sure when he'll be able to return to school, but I will be excited when he does! So whenever you have some spare time this week please keep Matt in your prayers! That his body would heal quickly and he can regain all of his strength back!! 

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  1. You are such a caring and effective teacher, Mollie! Your students and their families are blessed to have you. We will be praying for sweet Matt!!