Saturday, January 15, 2011

Off Facebook, onto Blogging!

I really enjoy making a new years resolution every year. The past couple years I have picked out specific Bible verses that I want that entire year to revolve around. This year I decided to change it up a bit. My new years resolution is to get off facebook for a year and spend my time doing better things! That being said, I can't believe it's January 15th and I haven't blogged an update yet!! 

I am so happy to have Monday off and then a teacher work day! Then Friday, I am using one of my new hire days to go see some other 7th grade accelerated teachers around the district. I am excited because I'll also be planning with one of the teachers from our sister middle school. The end of the semester went very well! The teacher I will be planning with made a 7th grade accelerated semester exam for all the accelerated students to take. This way we can compare with each other since we do not really have a way of seeing how we're doing with other students in our own school. My 1st period class average was: 96.2!!! Now they only have 12 students in their class, but still!! Really, that's the greatest argument that smaller classes really are better. My 2nd period (of 28) class average was: 91.4! We also completed our percent projects and they look magnificent.The students had to write their own survey question and then survey 40 people. We had a big discussion that you do not want to have a boring "what is your favorite color" question, so they are all really creative! We then created a circle graph on paper and those are displayed outside my room in the hall and then the last step of the project was to create a computer circle graph. We spent a day in the computer lab doing this and it was awesome! If you click here, you can have a look at them! They worked hard and I think it shows!!

I have also completed my first boot camp with Jay Johnson! I loved it..... well, I loved the results of it! ha so much that I signed up for the 2nd one and start on Monday!! ha I lost a pound a half (which I wasn't expecting) and have gained a whole lot of muscle. I feel stronger and it is awesome!!

I'm gonna leave y'all with a whole hodge-podge of pictures from over the break! So enjoy!!

A view from our connecting flight in Denver to Dallas! Snow!!


                                                                                                               A huge present!! The next picture is what was in the bag!!     


One of my presents from my roomie!!! 
 I love my Baylor footies!!

My cruel joke before break... I told them they had 32 pages of bookwork over Christmas break!! It was hilarious!!

 I never let students write on my board, so the day before break I did and they were so sweet!! (minus the one message that said "you will be my wife" that I had to erase!!!)

My wonderful mentor Kellie got me a cute hammer for my classroom!!

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