Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for the Break!!!

Thanksgiving Break is finally here!! I am very relieved to say I have made it this far without any crazy happenings in my classroom, but I am very thankful to have a break for a week! I'm using this week to do nothing but recover, catch up on sleep, and try and complete my Christmas shopping! The week leading up to the break was a little hectic, but very fun! We ended the week with the student/faculty volleyball game! All of my girls were so excited to "see me play" and one of my boys told me, "I thought you were ordinary, I didn't know you were good!!!"  
One of my favorite parts of any week is every other Wednesday. We have study groups for our subjects during our study hall time period.When the English teachers have their "PLC" time, it cuts out a majority of the teachers, since they are double blocked. That always leads to this <-- approximately 60 students in my classroom at the end of the day for 25 minutes. I try to keep them all seated, but it's always a bundle of fun!! It is a wonderful time to hear lots of drama and learn all sorts of new things about the students!
 On Thursday, StuCo put up hand turkeys around the school, the students could choose to write a turkey for a teacher and place it on their door. This was one of my favorites that I received!! For every student that drives me insane, there is one that makes my job worthwhile! 
  One of my favorite activities that I have done so far is more of a reward for the students. In my on-level classes we were wrapping up our Integers unit. In one of my earlier blogs I put up a picture of my racecar activity. We did this as well in my on-level, but sometimes they can use a little extra push. So I told them if they got an 80 or above on their Integer test, they would receive an Integer's Drivers License to drive and operate on the Integer Highway in Math!! :) So, I created a License and had each one laminated. I presented them to the students and I think they really enjoyed them! (If a student made below an 80, they had to correct their   test and then they would get their license!)

A very special treat was delivered to me on Thursday as well! The PTA gives a pumpkin pie to every single teacher at my school! Being new to HMS, I had no idea and was quite delightfully surprised when they brought it to my room! I am very blessed to have an awesome PTA who are constantly doing things for the teachers to make their day. This is definitely part of that! It was delicious, and I might already be looking forward to next year!! :)

Last, but not least, Friday started the 7th grade basketball season! My girls were very excited, so I stayed Friday and worked the games for them. We have some room to improve: all 3 teams lost and the score of the A team game was 28 - 0. Yes, they did not even score 1 point!! ha It was quite comical and very hard not to laugh at certain things (C team scored a basket for the other team, oops!!). They are all learning the sport, and have many more things to learn. Kellie was keeping notes and seriously wrote down: "Don't touch the ball when you're stepping out of bounds." Whenever I start coaching, I expect all of you to come to my games. Feel free to make fun of whatever!! :) 
21 is one of my favorite students, if I had a favorite!!
I hope everyone else enjoys the time they get off to spend with their families!! It's amazing to have a day where we can just sit and think about everything we are thankful for. 
"I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose." - Woody Allen
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!!

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