Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"My dog seriously ripped up my homework."

So as Hannah very graciously pointed out to me, I NEED to update my blog! I apologize. 

My title comes from an email I got this afternoon from a student that simply stated, "Ms. Lindstrom, this is Bobby J. from 2nd period. My dog seriously ripped up my homework, can you send me another copy?" As Math Team was meeting in my room, I had to contain my laughter to a minimum. I could just see this student writing 'my dog ripped up...' then backspacing and... 'my dog seriously ripped up..'. HA! I, of course, sent him another copy and told him I was glad he thought to email me for a new copy! I love 7th graders! 

These past couple weeks have just been great! They go by so quickly and I'm already starting to think about 2nd six week report cards. Unfortunately, I had to fail 2 students for this progress report, so I'm making my parent contacts and letting them know if nothing changes, there student will fail for the six weeks. I, honestly, think it is very difficult to fail my class. I take a majority of completion homework grades and I grade the in-class assignments; it's the students who aren't turning in weekly warm-ups (that we do together), that I have zero sympathy for. The best line was the student who hasn't turned in the past 7 homeworks, 3 warm ups, and made a 46 on the last test because of it. After he received his report card he came in my room and said, "Ms. Lindstrom!!! Why are you failing me???" I had a fantastic teacher response of, "You are failing yourself, sweetheart!" I love when good teacher lines just naturally come to me, because they always have no response. 

Besides that, I'm just rockin and rollin! I will say I'm looking forward to next year already when the majority of my planning will already be completed and I can just look back and make minor adjustments. I spend so much time on everything, and I'm already anxious to see the turn around because of it. I would definitely not mind prayers for patience right now. :) 

And of course: 

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