Monday, June 19, 2017

Punta Cana 2017

Not too long ago, Trav asked me if I wanted to go on a vacation this summer. My response… uhh, heck yeah!!! A few weeks later we were booked for Punta Cana. We’ve been to Punta Cana before, the summer after we got engaged, and I was so excited to go back! We chose a different resort that was owned by the same people we went to previously. So Friday, June 9th, we were outta the USA and off to Breathless in Punta Cana!

When we got to the airport, they told us they had two seats left in 1st class for a very cheap upgrade. So, we said… uhh, heck yeah!!!! We watched movies and made the quick, direct flight down there! We got on our shuttle to the resort and met people from Gainesville, aka where the lake house is!! We questioned them about places and restaurants to go to while we’re at the lake house for family vacay. We made it to the room and I loved the tiles above our bed… it’s one of the 10 pictures I took. We just relaxed the whole time. There weren’t any excursions that jumped out at us, so we just decided to hang out at the beach and pool for our 5 days there.

Our resort had two pools: the party pool and the massive pool. After hanging out in the massive pool all day we ventured over to the party pool. Here is where we got an experience. I grew up in a house full of girls. We ran around naked all the time….. slash we still do. Butttt, before we knew it, tops were off everywhere and you couldn’t look 5 feet without seeing boobs of all kinds. While girls claimed “women’s rights”, there was another couple in the pool who did have their clothes on, so we obviously made friends with them.

Enter Max and Katie - a lovely couple from Surrey, England. After the bond we formed by being top wearing women, we decided to meet for dinner that night at the French restaurant. From then on, we were kind of inseparable. I recognized Katie from that morning, you see.. from being on vacation with Shop Mama you learn to save your chairs in the morning so you have the best seats. Only, no one would show up at either pool until at least 11. Katie was the only other person in the pool that morning with us at 9:30 reading a book that I recognized. We were literally the first in the pool in the morning and the last out of the pool at night!

We taught them how to play “pig” with the basketball hoop, they taught us new English phrases, we taught them about guns, and they taught us about hooligans and the Chelsea smile. We played water polo and crushed the other team, and we, literally, ran away from the stereotypical Boston MMA fighter that was a little too much. We invited them to Texas and they invited us to their wedding, which is in 2019. Max and Travis were basically the entertainment team, and Katie and I drank all of the lime daiquiris. We had some additional friends along the way, like Alan and Ashley, Mark and Rochelle, and Martini, who was a lifesaver (ask Trav if you want that story).

We got to watch the NBA finals on the beach and win some money in the casino, where they played “despacito” and “bailando” on repeat. We did what we set out to do – relax. And when we had to leave our new friends, we made sure to get all of their social media accounts – because are you really friends if you’re not friends on all your accounts?! It’s also made me social for social media because we’ve talked on messenger every day!

So, a big shout out to Punta Cana for never disappointing and a proper, good fun vacation!  


  1. I love all your outfits from your trip! I seriously love that you made such great friends there. That party pool sounds wild!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

    1. Thank you Meg! I can't believe I took so few pictures! We were just having a blast! My favorite is the white paisley dress that I got on clearance in December for $20 from Belk!

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