Friday, October 5, 2012


This past weekend my team and I competed in the Indian Springs Fall Classic Tournament! 
It's normally a 2 day tournament, but this year they changed it to just a one day, all day Saturday tournament. So it made for one super long Saturday, but those Saturdays are normally ok when you WIN the entire thing!!! :) It rained/poured/flash flooded all day, so there was nothing better to do than be inside winning volleyball tournaments! Our most difficult competition came in the Semi-Finals round when we played Indian Springs (the host team). The had one middle who could hit the ball really well to the corners. My girls are so used to cheating in because most of the teams we play don't have the capability of hitting it there. We lost the first game 26-24 and pushed the second game to win 25-21. That sent us into a nerve-wracking 3rd game to 15 points. These 3rd games happen so quickly that if you do not jump out to a lead at the beginning it is hard to come back. Luckily, we did and won the 3rd game 15-10. We won the championship in 2 games and I was definitely one happy, exhausted ecstatic coach. I am looking forward to having a weekend this weekend. Go Broncos!

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