Monday, January 16, 2012

Aussies and Magnets

First off. I love random titles for my posts. I especially love looking back at them!

Anyway, this weekend I had the privilege of being a friend's date to a wedding that he was in. The groom of the wedding was on the Baylor tennis team and is from Australia, so a handle of his "best mates" were in town for the wedding. Basically, I got to hang out with crazy cool Australians all weekend. They were awesome Aussie's and I definitely spent a good part of the evening trying to teach them how to correctly say "y'all." They tried to teach me how to make my accent better... although Melanie already informed me it is still awful. :) Oh well!
My main buddy for the night, Dave!

Fred, Dave, and Tye! They make me look white! ha So tan!

 My newest addition to my apartment! I cannot ever keep track of my bobby pins! I go through so many! I am constantly buying more, so here is my solution. I bought a roll of magnet strips from hobby lobby for 2.99! I cut two strips and placed them in my medicine cabinet. The bobby pins stick right to them! Now I'll have a place to put them and hopefully not lose quite as many! Yay!!
So easy!

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