Saturday, January 7, 2012

6 Confessions

6. I love shoe shopping. This one is a serious addiction. I see a pair of shoes and obsess over them until I buy them. I once had someone ask me how many pairs of shoes I own.. I tried to do a quick count.. probably somewhere around 35? This doesn’t include sandals/flip flops. I’m talking shoes. Here’s the latest pair I bought. I’m 6’2 when I wear them. 6'3 if I tease my hair.

5. I’m obsessed with my closet. My closet is so organized it’s ridiculous. Not only is it color coordinated, but it’s also type of clothes organized within the color. It’s definitely an ocd thing. I don’t like people touching anything in my closet. My room may be a mess, but my closet is always perfect.

4. I am horrible at taking pictures. I love pictures. I love having the memories; I am just horrible at remembering to take them! I always tell myself I’m gonna do better, but this past week I gave my camera to my college roomie for the week because I knew she’d do a better job.

3. I am an old lady at heart. As much as I love going out with my awesome friends. I really love being home, cooking a good dinner, and getting some awesome sleep. Like tonight, I love nights where I can take my Christmas things down, clean my entire apartment, and try and decide which recipe I’m going to cook first in my new crockpot.

2. I love living by myself for one sole reason: I can sing as loud and as often as I want. I’m sure my mom loves hearing my voice and I know Melanie got used to it in college, but now I have free range to just belt it out. Trust me, I sing all sorts of stuff. My opera is getting better. Just kidding. Ish.

1. I am honestly and completely 100% happy with where I am in my life right now. I have friends in all stages of life right now. Some still in school, some who are succeeding in their work already, some in newlywed bliss, some about to be first time parents, and some who are on to baby #2! I’m not really sure where I fit in.. but all I know is I am happy with where I am, who am I, and where I am going. I still plan on growing though, don’t get me wrong. I want to grow as a person and continue to find out what I can do independently, out on my own. I also want to grow in my walk with Christ. There’s always room for improvement and by the end of year, I hope to share how Christ has worked in my life this year.    

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