Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Inner Kate Middleton

This weekend I will be in Austin for the Hubbard/Moore wedding. I will do a post wedding blog with pictures for everyone to see, but first I wanted to tell everyone about an important day coming up: my birthday!!! :) ha I'm really not one of those crazy birthday people, but I do like to celebrate a little bit. My birthday falls on Friday, which happens to be the rehearsal dinner. So I will be spending my birthday road tripping to Kyle, Tx and supporting a very old friend. For this reason, I wanted a killer dress to wear for my birthday night. My sweet Daddy took me shopping and I bought a dress that I am seriously, absolutely, ridiculously in love with. If I could love a boy half this much, I would marry him. :) Caroline came with us to offer her expert opinion and said when I came out that I resembled Kate Middleton. I know my front office (who all call me Kate) would go crazy over it! ha So, on Friday, me and my Kate Middleton dress are headed off for a wonderful, wedding-filled weekend! Here it is: 

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