Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day #5 = Cabin Fever

Holy cow... a 5th snow day?! This is crazy. I am once again wishing we were at school because this brings a whole new added pressure to my first year of catching up!!! I do feel better that all teachers all over the dallas/ft. worth metroplex are under the same pressure. So, after venturing out to Fuzzy's for lunch (again), and after Caroline and I left a ridiculous video on Hannah's facebook including 90s music and dancing, and after paying my loans for this month.... I'm finally on to blogging! (I'm proud of myself for doing this before catching up on Glee, that's next on the list!).

So, we got one day of benchmark testing in, but not the 2nd. My kids still haven't taken their geometry test that I had scheduled for last Friday! They are loving it all and were crazier this week than ever before. So I had planned another awesome game that I was really excited about and only got to play it with 2 periods last Monday before our wonderful snow days. This was the game:
Superbowl Football!!!

It was similar to the baseball we played earlier this year, but this time I used the two specific teams from the superbowl! I drew it one night when I was hanging out before the girls tournament. There was of course my one girl who asked the question after a team scored, "Wait, why did they get seven points?!" and my girl football player (who is awesome!) is in that class just turned and looked at her and said, "Because that's how much a touchdown is worth!!!" haha poor girl had no idea! I also got to deal with comments of "I don't wanna be on the Steelers... they have a rapist on their team... that's what my dad said." ha They know way too much for their own good. Anyway, the two periods we got to play were really fun and so that is definitely an activity hopefully I'll get to try again next year! My next idea is going to have to do something with getting ready for TAKS and "March Madness." Right now I'm trying to control my ideas and not get too far ahead of myself. That may have to be a project for next year. :)

This last picture is just a picture of our backyard on the the 4th snow day! After 5 inches of snow and an inch and a half of ice (yes, I took a ruler out and measured), everything was a skating rink. My favorite part of the picture is the chlorine tub in the pool that has a perfect dome of 5 inches of snow on top! With a low of 7 degrees and a windchill lower than that, I'll be inside hopefully planning the rest of my 4th 6 weeks.... or watching Criminal Minds. We shall see....

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