Monday, September 20, 2010

In the Swing of Things...

I have definitely reached the point of the school year where everything just seems normal now. I don't really feel like the "new" teacher, and I like that!! I've settled into all procedures and am used to what days I need to complete things and when I need to be ready for the next week. I am into the routine of sending out my newsletter on Monday mornings and for the most part entering grades at least once a week.

I went to my first 7th grade football game last week! It was sooo much fun! I've heard all about how the parents this year are so intense and we have several dads that come to practices with clipboards and take notes on their own sons. It was amazing how much just going to a game for 20 minutes meant to the kids! I loved hearing "Ms. Lindstrom!!" "Hi Ms. Lindstrom!!!" It's exciting to be able to make the kids feel special just by saying hello! Here's a picture of the little ones playing!!

Ta-duhh!! Here is my very first yearbook picture as a teacher!!! Haha I'm wearing my Heritage Middle School shirt (not that you can really see any of it). It's kinda weird to see it, and I do intend to buy a yearbook every year I teach. I think it will be very cool to look back over all the years starting with year 1! It was funny to watch all the kids' reaction to their own photos. I just kept trying to imagine what my picture was in 7th grade and how much I now despise that picture, but at the time I picked out my outfit about a week before!! ha ohhh middle school..

Even though we just submitted progress reports, we are already having to pick our star students for the 6 weeks.. there are all different things we get to choose, but one of the things I get to do personally is pick out 2 of my students. These students are not necessarily the best academic students but the students who always have a smile on their face and display awesome character traits! Their lockers will be decorated with these stars and I've written on a note on the back just saying how much I appreciate them always doing what they're supposed to be doing! My girl is in my first period and is always willing to participate and just always brightens my mornings! My boy for this 6 weeks is in my 5th period with one of my most immature students I have. While I get frustrated with one student, this student sits behind him and sometimes will correct him or maybe he just stands out to me because he's always prepared and ready! So these are my stars for the 1st 6 weeks:
I think the most challenging part of teaching the accelerated class is these kids are SO used to just doing the problems as fast as they can. They do not care how they do it or what shortcut they use, they just want to know it. At Baylor we learned, very well, to teach students "the why behind the rule" and that is how I teach. So today, when I am teaching them adding/subtracting integers, they want to know why they cannot just "add the opposite." In each class I asked them, well why are you adding the opposite? and no one had an answer for me! So finally in the last class I replied with, "because your last teacher said so?" and they all were like yes!! I really think this is the most frustrating thing because I cannot change how other teachers teach, but I do not want to just teach my kids a rule to learn. They will know why they're doing the math - whether they like it or not!! :)


  1. I love readings all about your class!! Miss you tons!!

  2. Thank you love!! I still can't see your blog.. I do not know what is up!!