Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 1 Complete, 186 to Go!!

I guess a whole summer will let you forget how quickly just one school day goes by! My day was a blur but when I think back, I definitely did teach 6 classes today and they all went smoothly! Thank you so much to anyone who was lifting me up in prayers! It is greatly appreciated!

"So I unlocked my classroom door and..." (family joke!) I feel like I could give that much detail though! I definitely enjoyed my accelerated classes! There are some very smart kids and after finally concluding today that I DO know more than them, I'm ready to challenge them mathematically! It was obvious even in the very beginner activity that I did which of my classes I was teaching. That is fine by me because I'm quite used to teaching at the regular or even remedial level, but I think my accelerated classes are going to be a blast! My very last class will be interesting; there are 29 students and it's the end of the day! I will be strategically placing them in my seating charts and try to gently remind some of my boys they do not have to make a comment after every single thing I say. I did pull out my line of "don't make me use my teacher voice!" And just in case some of you don't know, I'm required to keep a website for my school and update it every so often. So if you haven't been to it you should check it out! Directory Page , then click on my name and you'll go to my page! I'm not sure how much updating I'll do, but I like it for now!

The best part of my day includes passing periods. You may be surprised at this, but I have incredible teachers that surround me (1 is my mentor and the other one is graduated from Baylor so you know she's fantastic). At my school they play music during the last minute of the passing period to help students move along and get to class. We decided to add our form of encouragement and have sword fights in the hallway (with foam swords) while yelling get to class!! It's quite entertaining and I love the stares we get from students!
I did get several "I heard you're really nice." I really don't want to be known as the nice teacher and I definitely don't want kids to mistake nice for easy. I am nice and kind, but I'm also hard and I expect a lot. Hopefully this will be evident through the rest of this first week, because I do not want a stereotype on me!

My day ended with a wonderful surprise from one of my best Baylor friends:
 Clancypants you are so kind and thoughtful!! I love them and they smell incredible!!

Overall I love being a Bronco and bring on the rest of the year!! :) I told my Baylor friends today, I love finally earning my money and getting paid for what I'm doing!! ha

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