About Mollie

I'm Mollie! Just another Southern girl that blogs and says y’all…. A lot.

I have two sisters. One is a red head, one is a blonde; yes, we have the same father, and yes, I am sure. We all three have the ability to snort when we laugh, not whistle, have the same nose, and have the uncanny ability to make our mother laugh hysterically.

I am a brand new, newlywed! ... Oh, that's repetitive? I don't care because I am just busy loving married life!!! He is a (professional) duck hunter and it’s not like Duck Dynasty at all… minus all the dead ducks I encounter from the months of November – January. 

I’m crazy enough to have 300 children that I see every day of the week. ½ of them I teach math to and ½ of them I coach to try and make them have volleyball skillzZz. Here is my favorite outfit from third grade... here is also a reason I'm not a fashion blogger.

I am blessed by the relationships in my life and want to be purposeful about growing my friendships this year.

I blog about school moments, awkward moments, joyous moments, and red wine moments. You are more than welcome to follow along. 

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