Friday, July 14, 2017

30 before Thirty!!

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday! I have absolutely no idea how my 20's have gone by so quickly, but I fully intend to make the most of my last year before I hit a new decade. So, with the help of my fellow blogger and bridesmaid Kristen, I came up with 30 things I want to do before I turn thirty! I had a blast creating the list, so I know as I check things off, I'll be creating even more memories!
  1. Drive in movie - Trav's company built one right down the road, but we haven't been!
  2. Board and Brush - It's the new painting with a twist, but with a wooden board... now to decide what I want to make! 
  3. Uchi - A hip (see expensive) sushi restuarant in Dallas that I must attend. Here's a tip from friends: go to happy hour! They have small plates where you can try more!
  4. Mequite Rodeo - We always went as kids while my dad filmed, and had a blast. I want to go back as an adult and smell the smells and watch some bull riding! 
  5. Attempt to fry something - Believe it or not,  I have never tried to do this. My mother in law is a pro at chicken fried steak, and I got some tips from my Aunt and her mom while we were at the ranch on frying fish! 
  6. Les Mis - The show is coming to Dallas in April. I have got to go. 
  7. Pen Pals - I've always wanted my class to be pen pals with students abroad. I'm determined to make this happen. If you've got someone to help me with this, let me know!
  8. Camping with mom - I know, I've already done this. But, I want to pick a new location and explore it! 
  9. Write a letter to myself - And open it in 10 years.. when I turn.. ahem.. 39.
  10. Make a creme brulee from scratch - AKA actually use the culinary torch that Trav registered for. 
  11. Organize my craft materials - They're currently still in a massive canvas bag that I moved them in when we got married. When I need something, I dump the whole bag out. 
  12. Submit a blog/article to a magazine - because why not. 
  13. Visit Hannah and Ben at their new church - wherever it may be! 
  14. Take a cooking class - I've always wanted to do this!! 
  15. Complete a devotional - Open to suggestions on which one!
  16. Girls weekend 
  17. Write 30 hand written notes - Specifically to people that I do not normally write to!
  18. Visit a new state - I haven't been to many, so this one is wide open. I think Oregon is high on my list? Tennessee? Anywhere besides the surrounding Texas states, California, Washington, Minnesota, and New York. 
  19. Read a classic - Once again open to suggestions.
  20. Headstand on a paddle board - This will be attempted this upcoming week. Part 2 is get an instagram worthy picture!  
  21. Harry Potter movie marathon - All the movies. Who's in for this one? 
  22. Try reflexology - It's so cheap and I hear it is so relaxing. 
  23. Donate blood - I've never done this. I've only ever had blood drawn when it's absolutely required. 
  24. Throw a dinner party - most likely with a theme to it.. because themes make everything better!
  25. Volunteer in my community - I don't teach in my community and we don't attend church in our community, so I'd like to do something to help out where we live! 
  26. Try curry - Our English friends speak so highly of it... anyone know any good restaurants?!
  27. Leave my phone at home for 30 dinners - hang up to hang out
  28. Tell my husband 30 things I reallllly love about him - like really.
  29. Take a train somewhere
  30.  Perot Museum 
There we go! So, starting tomorrow I've got 365 to complete these things! I'm excited to get started! If you want to join in on any of them, let me know!! 

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