Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1st week - Angels, 2nd week – Close?

Wow. How a week can change your students! The first week they were my innocent little 6th graders who were so quiet and in a new school. They asked you questions repeatedly, you could tell they were nervous, and they were like little perfect angels.

The second week - they are intermediate pros. They know everything and are not afraid to prove it to you by talking back constantly! These are just some of my second week stories:

- I found out one of my favorite little black girls who sits in the back by me and always talks to me is diabetic. We got an email with all of her emergency phone numbers and who to call first and what to do if she ever has an issue. She left school early today because she was feeling too bad from not eating or eating too much of whatever yesterday.

- One of my talkative girls asked me “Do you got kids?” I replied with, “No, not yet!” …she thought about this answer and said, “yeah, you don’t look like you got kids.” I told her I would take that as a compliment! Ha funny girl

- The next day the same girl was having a bad day and got sent to out “time out chairs” in the back. She still refused to do her work, resulting in our first office referral of the year. It’s the 7th day of school!!

- One of my repeat 6th graders who does excellent in class he just doesn’t do well in the hallways/interacting with other students will be in ISS (in school suspension) for 2 days for apparently something to do with “herbal tea” (our teacher code for marijuana) … oh dear.

- I dealt with having an “accident” in the bathroom. My first thought was I teach 6th grade not pre-k! But nevertheless, the little girl was so embarrassed and I worked with the Community-In-Schools person here at the school to get her a pair of pants to use while her mom brought her new ones. I missed an entire period of my class, but that’s the beauty of being a student teacher and having 2 teachers in one class.

- The last and biggest deal of the week was a huge reality check to the fact that I am teaching in Waco ISD and things like this could happen anywhere. The middle school that we split with – they are now only 7th and 8th – is Tennyson Junior High now. At Tennyson, on Tuesday, they had an 8th grade student with a gun in his backpack. They are being very hush-hush about the whole situation but apparently a teacher reported “strange behavior” to an assistant principal. They pulled the kid out of class to question him and ended up searching his backpack where they found the gun. More than likely, he was just trying to be “cool” to his friends and wanted to prove something by actually showing them that he could bring a gun. The whole situation was contained by 10 am and my close friend Clancy who works at the school didn’t even know about it until 5th or 6th period or around 1 pm.

Overall, I still love my school and the people in it! We have open house tomorrow night and I’m very excited to meet some of my students parents. I’m hoping I can remember all of their names on the spot without them sitting in their correct seat in the correct period! Ha I’ve definitely already formed bonds with many of the students, so I can’t imagine what it will be like at the end of the school year in May.

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